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Lineage Logistics

Stevens Point, WI
Lineage Logistics Stevens Point 0116 2048

Service Cold Storage (now Lineage Logistics) was established in Stevens Point, Wisconsin by Service Trans Inc., an asset-free trucking company. They found a need among their customers for a cold storage facility to primarily hold agricultural and dairy products in Central Wisconsin, leading to the founding of this new public cold storage company.

The facility was designed and built with cooler and freezer flexibility, getting the job done in just 8 months through a record cold winter, including the deepest ground freeze ever recorded in Stevens Point, Wisconsin.

Less than 2 years after opening, they were ready to expand. They called Tippmann Group in May with an immediate need for more space, and a hard deadline of October to complete the 97,000 square foot expansion.

Master planning during the initial design of phase one proved to be critical when this project arrived. “Tippmann Group had the foresight to present a plan to the city of Stevens Point in different phases of what the master plan would potentially look like, really unknown to us what value that would present at the time,” said Les Dobbe, President/CEO of Service Cold Storage. “It was an extremely seemless process.”

That foresight, combined with a strong relationship built with city officials during phase 1 allowed Tippmann to begin construction on phase 2 right away and complete the job two weeks ahead of schedule.

Phase 3 of the project was finished just two years later and added another 170,000 square feet of space to the warehouse, and that was followed less than two years later by yet another expansion.

Phases 4 and 5 came in a hurry, with the 122,000 square foot phase 4 expansion completed in just 99 days. That project then rolled right into phase 5 adding another 169,000 square feet to bring the total facility size to 715,000 square feet! During the 4th and 5th phases, 19 wells were drilled, 70 million gallons of groundwater was pumped in just two months, and more than a mile of piping was used for the installation of the utilities and foundation.

Construction Case Study - Lineage Logistics (Service Cold Storage) Phases I & II