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Simplot Foods

Grand Forks, ND
Simplot Grand Forks Finished Aerial 3

Simplot was looking to build two fully-automated facilities with AS/RS systems and pallet rovers simultaneously in different parts of the country, and they entrusted Tippmann Construction to handle that task. These projects were designed to increase Simplot’s efficiency while also reducing labor costs. Simplot was impressed by Tippmann’s record of repeat business with existing customers. This record represents a customer’s trust in Tippmann Construction’s capabilities and ability to deliver projects both on-time and on budget. Tippmann’s experience in designing and building hi-rise automated facilities in other parts of the country also led to Simplot choosing Tippmann for this project and the one in Caldwell, ID.

The design is very similar to the new Simplot facility in Caldwell, as a plant-attached AS/RS distribution warehouse. The 140’ tall building covers approximately 120,000 square feet and includes more than 35,000 pallet positions.

Product is moved from the attached production facility into the fully-automated freezer warehouse via pallet rovers, while AS/RS stacker cranes use rail shuttles for product storage and retrieval.

Tippmann also installed a low oxygen fire prevention system, only the 6th of its kind installed in the United States. This system provides a stronger focus on fire prevention in an effort to help mitigate the risk.

The building also includes both truck and rail dock doors to provide more access to a variety of supply chain opportunities.

Facility Details:

  • approximately 120,000 square foot plant-attached AS/RS distribution center
  • rack-supported high bay freezer facility
  • AS/RS stacker cranes
  • low oxygen fire prevention system (only the 6th of its kind installed in the U.S.)
  • in excess of 35,000 pallet positions
  • truck and rail dock doors