Pallet Fit™ Technology Now Available For Your QFR Zone® or QTR Zone®

The QFR Zone's® new Pallet Fit™ door provides more flexibility than ever for freezing your palletized product fast.

The Pallet Fit™ door allows pallets of all sizes to be placed in the system, whether it’s a full pallet, partial pallet, single layer pallet, or no pallet at all, eliminating the need for plug pallets. As pallets are placed into the system, the Pallet Fit™ door engages only where there is product, opening and allowing maximum airflow through the product while eliminating waste airflow.

  • Full-height door eliminates the need for plug pallets
  • Fits any pallet
  • Accepts full or partial pallets
  • HDPE seals
  • Enhanced airflow through the pallet

For more information on the QFR Zone®, or to see how this can work for you, please check out the video.