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When Tippmann Group introduced the QFR Zone® blast freezing alternative more than 10 years ago, the industry changed the way it looked at freezing their palletized products. Now, with more than 20,000 QFR Zone® pallet positions sold, Tippmann Group has done it again, making the most efficient blast freezing solution ever invented even better. A new addition to the QFR Zone® is the Pallet Fit™ door, which provides more flexibility than ever for freezing palletized product fast.

The Pallet Fit™ door allows pallets of all sizes to be placed in the system, whether it’s a full pallet, partial pallet, single layer pallet, or no pallet at all, eliminating the need for plug pallets. As pallets are placed into the system, the Pallet Fit™ door engages only where there is product, opening and allowing maximum airflow through the product while eliminating waste airflow.

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Some of the key improvements and advantages of using the QFR Zone® to freeze your palletized products include:

  • Significantly improved airflow lessens freeze time and energy usage
  • Energy savings by emphasizing more efficient air movement, compared to just dropping temperature
  • The most effective and efficient way to freeze palletized product
  • More labor efficient than a traditional blast cell
  • Each QFR Zone® is designed to your freezing application with the flexibility to freeze virtually any palletized products
  • Used every day by the top protein producers in the world
  • Pallet Fit™ doors provide more freezing/thawing flexibility than ever before!
  • New and improved fans with EC motor design provide more control over airflow & power consumption
  • Industry-proven system with more than 20,000 pallet positions installed nationwide
  • Can be used for single or dual-staged refrigeration systems
  • Integrates with your refrigeration control system

Pallet Fit™ Technology Now Available For Your QFR Zone® or QTR Zone®

  • Full-height door eliminates the need for plug pallets
  • Fits any pallet
  • Accepts full or partial pallets
  • HDPE seals
  • Enhanced airflow through the pallet

When the Pallet Fit™ door is engaged by the pallet, the doors open wherever the pallet makes contact. This allows for any pallet height to be put into place, only opening the necessary part of the door for airflow.

For more information on the QFR Zone®, or to see how this can work for you, please download and complete our request for information form.