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JTM Food Group

Harrison, OH
JTM Harrison Final Aerial 1

JTM Food Group is a family-owned company based in Harrison, OH producing fully cooked products for the military, school lunch programs, restaurants and healthcare providers. The company has shown a consistent 10% year-over-year growth, and was running at capacity in their existing facility, so they needed to expand in order to keep up with customer demand.

JTM partnered with Tippmann Group to design and build a new 187,000 square foot facility, which includes a state-of-the-art USDA certified food processing plant, new corporate offices, and a fully automated ASRS distribution warehouse.

The plant is not only improving the quality of the product JTM makes, but it was also designed with a more efficient straight-line process flow, utilizing the highest level of food safety measures throughout every step of the designing and building of the facility.

“It was clear that Tippmann Group knew distribution, knew freezers, knew refrigeration and had the capacity for production plants,” said Jerry Maas, VP of Business Development for JTM. “We pushed them hard. Truthfully, they were very flexible. In the end, we absolutely got the best result.”

The facility was designed with expansion in mind, with infrastructure in place and room on site to expand both the plant and the warehouse as the company continues to grow.

Facility highlights:

  • 187,034 square foot plant & ASRS high rise
  • 20,000 pallet positions
  • 5 cranes
  • New facility doubles the production capacity on their Harrison, OH campus, adding 100 million pounds annually