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Lineage Logistics QFR / QTR Zone®

Stevens Point, WI
Lineage Stevens Point QFR Zone With logo and Louvers

Lineage Logistics is one of the largest 3PL companies in the world and they were looking to provide a value-added blast freezing and thawing service to their cold storage facility in Stevens Point, WI.

They chose Tippmann Group's QFR Zone® for their quick freezing needs, and the QTR Zone® for their quick thawing process. Lineage wanted to stay on the cutting edge of technology, and after discussing the QFR and QTR Zone® with the Tippmann Group team, they realized this was easily the most effective system they could use to freeze or thaw their palletized product fast.

Not only did this system help Lineage with their customers who needed this service, but it also provides significant cost and energy savings compared with other traditional blast freezing or quick thawing processes. This means Lineage can now handle any situation their customer may need, while saving time, money, and energy in the process.

Lineage is also utilizing Tippmann's Pallet Fit™ door, which provides even greater flexibility for their freezing and thawing process, allowing Lineage to load either full pallets or partial pallets into the system. There is also no more need for plug pallets if the entire system isn't full.

The new system creates a greater value for the energy-conscious company and utilizes the best method available to freeze and thaw palletized product quickly and efficiently.