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JBS - QFR Zone®

Worthington, MN
JBS Worthington QFR Zone 3

When JBS decided to add freezer space attached to their processing plant in Worthington, MN, they also decided they wanted to optimize their supply chain by blast freezing on site so they could maintain control over the entire process and not have to use an outside 3PL to freeze their product.

They decided Tippmann Group's QFR Zone® would be the best solution for their freezing needs, because JBS had already seen the benefits of the system at some of their other warehouses around the country where they had been using the QFR Zone® for several years.

The finished product is conveyed from the plant to the freezer via an elevated conveyor bridge, then is palletized inside the freezer. JBS is able to build pallets and take them directly into the QFR Zone® to be frozen. Keeping this entire process on-site not only saves money by eliminating trucking and 3PL fees, but more importantly, it leads to higher product quality because it takes less time to go from the processing floor to the freezer and then out to the customer.