New Pallet Fit™ Doors Make Tippmann Group's QFR Zone® A More Flexible and Efficient Blast Freezing Solution Than Ever Before

QFR Zone Pallet Fit Doors 0897

Tippmann Group's new Pallet Fit™ door adds unmatched flexibility to freezing palletized product in the QFR Zone® blast freezing system.

(June 24, 2021 - Fort Wayne, IN) - When Tippmann Group introduced the QFR Zone® blast freezing alternative more than 10 years ago, the industry changed the way it looked at freezing their palletized products. Now, with more than 16,000 QFR Zone® pallet positions sold, Tippmann Group has done it again, making the most efficient blast freezing solution ever invented even better. A new addition to the QFR Zone® is the Pallet Fit™ door, which provides more flexibility than ever for freezing palletized product fast.

The Pallet Fit™ door allows pallets of all sizes to be placed in the system, whether it’s a full pallet, partial pallet, single layer pallet, or no pallet at all, eliminating the need for plug pallets. As pallets are placed into the system, the Pallet Fit™ door engages only where there is product, opening and allowing maximum airflow through the product while eliminating waste airflow.

Another upgrade to the QFR Zone® is the new and improved fan system, featuring E.C. motor technology, coupled with a direct drive lubrication-free design to reduce maintenance. The new Green Tech fan design is a maintenance manager’s dream come true, coming with near-field communication capabilities, allowing maintenance personnel to easily evaluate the health and functionality of the fan. The new fans save money on both capital costs and running costs.

A more robust racking design also enhances durability of the system, providing reliable and efficient freezing for years to come. All of these new enhancements to the system are also available with Tippmann Group’s QTR Zone® for quickly thawing palletized product.