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Colonial Heights, VA
Sabra Finished Aerial May 2019 1

The Sabra Dipping Company is the industry leader in refrigerated dips and is the maker of the top-selling hummus in America. As the company continued to grow, Sabra was looking to expand their plant-attached distribution facility and they interviewed several contractors, including Tippmann Group. When we put together our proposal, we presented an innovative solution outside of Sabra’s original idea to give them a different perspective on the project. Tippmann Group value-engineered the design to meet Sabra’s budget and was awarded the project.

Tippmann Group’s operational expertise as owner/operators of Interstate Warehousing became a critical part of the project and helped with the design. After Sabra executives visited several Interstate Warehousing facilities, the Tippmann and Sabra design teams worked together to create the ideal solution which was both cost-effective and the best design for productivity. In addition to the new 37,800 square foot distribution center expansion, the project also included re-racking and re-designing Sabra’s existing warehouse for maximum productivity and efficiency.

The project finished on time and on budget, and Sabra’s savings have exceeded their anticipated goal for their return on investment. In fact, following their one-year review of the project, not a single team member from the front-line or anyone else involved in the project had anything they would change or would have done differently. Involving those team members early in the process and allowing them to make some of the decisions along the way made sure they felt they had a true voice and impact on the project and its outcome.

Facility Highlights

  • 37,800 square feet
  • Plant-attached distribution expansion
  • Re-designed and re-racked existing warehouse