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Hanson Logistics

Hobart, IN
Hanson Hobart Aerial

Hanson Logistics is a family-owned company, just like Tippmann Group, and the two companies have had a long-term relationship over the years as colleagues and competitors in the International Association of Refrigerated Warehouses (IARW). Hanson was looking for a one-stop-shop, a General Contractor who could handle every aspect of their expansion, from incentives to design and construction.

In addition to that, because of the owner-operator experience that Tippmann Group has as owners of Interstate Warehousing, Hanson knew that Tippmann understood the PRW business.

Hanson was given a tour of one of the newest expansions to an Interstate Warehousing facility in nearby Joliet, IL, and that visit made a big impact on the Hanson team because it gave them a chance to see all of the new bells and whistles in the construction industry that they could use in their own facility.

Tippmann broke ground on the 85,000 square foot / 12,000 pallet expansion on April 15, and the building was completed by September 1.

Less than two years later, Hanson was continuing to grow quickly and they needed another expansion, so they reached out to Tippmann to add another 85,000 square feet and 12,000 pallets positions. The close relationship between the owner and builder allowed for timely completion of the project when Hanson needed the space the most. This collaboration also kept costs down during a time that would have normally increased with extreme winter conditions.

Facility Highlights:

  • 170,000 square foot PRW expansion (2 phases, less than 2 years apart)
  • 24,000 new pallet positions
  • Both were fast-track projects
  • Energy-efficient facility featuring LED lighting