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Grande Cheese

Lomira, WI
Grande Cheese Aerial

Strategic planning for growth can be a challenge, but when Grande Cheese decided to add a new distribution facility to their network, they came to Tippmann Group to help take them from concept to completion. Grande’s Director of Logistics had previously worked on projects with Tippmann prior to joining the Grande Cheese team, so he was fully aware of the capabilities and expertise that Tippmann brings to the table.

Tippmann Group and Grande immediately began working together, developing and designing the new warehouse to fit both current needs and future growth. Working closely with city officials in Lomira, WI on site development details was critical to the timeline to keep everything moving forward.

Tippmann’s expertise in operations, as owners of Interstate Warehousing, also played a major role in helping with the product flow inside the building. Interstate Warehousing’s experts provided guidance with Grande’s WMS provider to help them fully understand the process and procedures in the warehouse. Training and assistance with start-up was also provided at the facility.

The building features several fully racked aging coolers of different temperatures, along with rooms for both cooler and dry storage. An airlock room also separates the aging rooms from the distribution areas as an enhanced food safety measure for their products.

The 150,000 square foot facility was built with future expansion in mind, so as Grande continues to grow, so can their new distribution facility.

Facility Highlights:

  • 150,000 square foot distribution center
  • Multiple, different temperature rooms for cooler storage, aging and dry storage
  • Room on site for expansion
  • Tippmann’s Interstate Warehousing team assisted with product flow, training and start-up procedures