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Atlanta, GA
Castellini CC Kitchens Atlanta Finished Aerial Oct 2017 2

The Castellini Group of Companies are among the largest distributors of fresh produce in the United States, and have had an ongoing relationship for construction projects with Tippmann Group for decades.

Castellini has always had a strong presence in the midwest and Northeast, but wanted to expand and reach more customers in the Southeast markets, so they came back to Tippmann Group when they began talking about building a new processing and distribution center in the Atlanta area.

This project marked the 8th time that Castellini and Tippmann Group have partnered together on a construction project, and it is one of the most advanced produce facilities in the country.

The produce industry has seen significant growth in the organic markets in recent years, so this new building was designed to support both regular and organic produce, and fulfills all of Castellini’s stringent requirements for food safety, quality, and efficiency.

Approximately half of the building is dedicated to the processing of produce, with the remaining storage and distribution area featuring multiple rooms for different products and temperatures.

Less than 2 years after completing the original building, Tippmann Group expanded the facility by another 70,000 square feet.

The building has earned SQF Certification, Organic Certification, and the office area is LEED certified.

Facility Highlights:

  • 253,000 square foot produce processing facility & distribution center
  • 8th project completed by Tippmann Group for Castellini
  • Built in 2 phases
  • Building designed with expansion in mind, up to 450,000 square feet
  • Waste water pre-treat system to reduce sewer charges